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Inviting BCHDevconIII Participants to Block Hack Global 2020

Inviting BCHDevconIII Participants to Block Hack Global 2020

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Hello everyone,

After announcing our partnership with Polkadot and SLP Foundation for our upcoming Block Hack Global 2020, we at Bitcoin Bay have decided to officially extend an invitation to the BCHDevcon III participating teams to Block Hack Global 2020. We believe this provides an opportunity for teams to take their projects to the next level with +$50K USD worth of seed funding as well as workshop mentorship from business experts and serial investors.

To the BCHDevcon III teams, please send a DM and we'll follow up with more information.

As a reminder, we are also running a flipstarter campaign to help fund some of the operational expenses && increase the bounty challenge prize pool. Please consider contributing at

Block Hack Global 2020 is taking place from October 5th to November 14th. Registration for Block Hack Global 2020 is on our website at

PS: Jerry from Bitcoin Bay here. Unfortunately, our main account is freshly created and needs to wait 3 days before it can post. I'm posting here on my account in the meanwhile.

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