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IOTA Developer Meetup Berlin Videos from April 10th 2019

IOTA Developer Meetup Berlin Videos from April 10th 2019

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Better late than never right? :)

On April 10th 2019 the "Developer Meetup: Beyond The Blockchain" took place in Berlin. In the rooms of WeWork in the heart of Berlin, our community developers presented what they had developed.

The Meetup was presented by with the support of the IOTA Ecosystem and sponsored by*, who provided us with delicious drinks.

We started with Sven F. from Accessec GmbH, who is an old acquaintance. Among other things, he brought us the IOTA Car Wallet and other exciting projects. This time he presented "". A token flow visualizer and fund tracker platform.

The second project was by community dev Malik and his team. The Tangle-as-a-Service developed by them offers projects and applications a simple possibility to integrate the IOTA Tangle functions.

Last but not least Hans T. and Tristan F. presented an IOTA vending machine that reacts to IOTA transactions.

Unfortunately, there were technical difficulties on the day of the event for which the devs couldn't do anything. Nevertheless, they all mastered the situation professionally. I apologize again for the difficult circumstances and take my hat off to the performance of all participants.

Don't forget: these projects are self-financed and are realized in the free time of the developers.

Unfortunately the team of IOTA vending Machine decided against publishing their presentation, which I regret very much, because this is a really fabulous project and the presentation has shown what the community is capable of. But they said they will do a seperate video about their project - and of course I will add it here asap :)

A big thank you also goes out to Philipp Blum and Mark Schmidt from the IOTA Foundation for the help of setting up this Event. I also thank Eve from WeWork Berlin for her help at that evening :)

() *this is a campagn tag, so Durstexpress can see the outreach of their sponsoring. There is no affiliate behind this nor get I or anybody else a financial bonus etc.

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