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Iotatalks: my thoughts and partial summary

Iotatalks: my thoughts and partial summary

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development and overall talk giving a high level overview of Iota from history through today. I believe everyone wanting to know more about iota should listen to this talk first.

New format, community to get to ask Dom and Dan questions.

Dom talking about growth of token. This shift in IF approach means he believes the IF is now mature enough to start these conversations.

2017, great vision. 2018 - 2020 is where research, development and mistakes (evolution) happened on the protocol and leadership level.

Chrysalis, we now have a new protocol. Period. Iota 1.5 is really iota 2.0 because every mistake in the initial whitepaper has been corrected with industry feedback and user feedback such as getting away from one time use addresses, and more detailed in blogs.

Chrysalis 1.5 signals to orgs, okay you can build now because the protocol will no longer fundamentally change. Now its just evolution.

Coordicide, coordinator is removed, is what will enable full decentralization but also where most features mature.

The features that are coming up by 2.0 (coordicide), are identity (ssi), access (ota update usability etc), streams, too many to name but more in blogs. Identity is important and potentially unlocks millions of new users by associative property.

IF has great people and vision within the org and this is IFs strength.

IF is working on iota token being used as an asset and its not something thats just on the peripheral. Permissionless innovation as a focus of IF is so that the token gets used by companies. The vision is to be able to run efficient transactions down to micro transaction with no custodians, a different direction vs that on the internet. IF is a new ecosystem and not wanting to be a crypto "paypal".

Re: the crypto space, bitcoin growing and the crypto sphere going strong is exciting for the whole crypto because it also normalizes and legitimized crypto as an asset class.

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