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Is anyone interested in creative an project with me?

Is anyone interested in creative an project with me?

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I have been learning and discovering new projects on Ethereum when I can. Blockchain technology has become very rampant within the community since the inception of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Even congress is looking at ways to implement blockchain to automate government processes.

However, I don't think many in congress and our government are trustworthy enough or smart enough to catch up with the technology. Right now I think is the best time to implement better processes for voting and basically creating lite direct democracy. I think we have the ability to create a new congress controlled by the people to mitigate the harm corporate America has caused. I think we can create a process that would be based on needs and wants second with scientific thinking and research at the forefront.

I want to create what you guys might calculate as a hive mind to fix immediate problems we have with banks and congress and environmental issues especially when they are time sensitive. I have a system in mind, however I can't do it all myself and just because I have an idea doesn't mean that it is the correct way. I want to create something that the people especially in the U.S. can implement to replace our current state. This is where this community comes in. Is anyone interested in building such an ecosystem? And if such an ecosystem exists what is it and how do I get involved?

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