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Is Bitcoin even risky anymore?

Is Bitcoin even risky anymore?

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Is bitcoin even risky anymore?

To me it doesn’t seem like bitcoin is a risk investment anymore. It’s being adapted more and more each day and w the backing of companies like Square and PayPal it seems like it’s being legitimatized as a currency/asset at an exponential rate. Much of the confusion that the general public had surrounding bitcoin/crypto in 2018 seems to have disappeared. Pretty much everyone knows what it is now and I have even seen my less crypto-savvy friends start to use ur and appreciate its function (granted it’s to gamble on bovada ????).

So my question is: what makes bitcoin “risky” nowadays. Is it the fear of an alt-coin gaining an edge? Is it a fear of security/hackers? Is it a fear of governments prohibiting it? Regulation? I’m thinking about putting a percentage of my paycheck every few weeks into it and I’d love to hear y’all thoughts.

EDIT: I’m talking about in the long term 5-10-20yrs. I am not too worried about liquidity.

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