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Is it possible that everything thing I had was stolen?

Is it possible that everything thing I had was stolen?

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TLDR: I had an estimated $5k worth of crypto that I hadn't touched in 2 years disappear.

After the huge spike and crash in early 2017, I kind of lost intrest in the crypto game. My portfolio dwindled down from $25k value to about $6-7k. I knew and understood the risks of the game and at that time I actually only had about $3k of my own money in the game. I remember it being something like 0.3 BTC, 3k Ripple, 3k Stellar... a bunch of other stuff. When Bitgrail went under, I knew I had lost something like $1k there. When QuadrigaCX went down I think I lost about $1k there.

I didnt really worry about it much, I didnt need the money too bad and I figured whatever was left was a lottery ticket if things took off again. Yesterday I tried to get a handle on what I actually had left. Nevermind losing my old 2FA account so having to be re IDed on every exchange and digging through piles of old paper to find passphrases to mobile wallets. In the end I turned up with $130. All on exchanges like Binance and Bittrex.

I remember placing the majority of my btc and ripple onto my mobile wallets, either Jaxx or MyCelium. But they are completely 100% empty. That seems strange that there is not a crumb left in there. Did those companies get hacked and I missed it?

Either way unless I am forgetting about another exchange that I was using I think its all gone. Any tips is appreciated.

Save your, "should have used cold storage". I know.

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