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Is it safe to raise the block gas limit? Numbers-only thread

Is it safe to raise the block gas limit? Numbers-only thread

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With crypto activity picking up and new people wanting to try things out it's likely we'll get a spike in gas usage pretty soon. Miners could raise the block gas limit, or Ethereum users could suck it up. Miners do seem to want to be helpful, so what the community would like them to do is relevant to what they're going to do.

On the "we'd like to help but sadly users will have to suck it up" side of the argument, some people have been saying that although the uncle rate is now much lower than it was - typically under 500 per day, while in January we were often over 1000 - the growing size of the state imposes constraints on clients that makes it unwise to allow further growth.

Could people with opinions on this post some numbers? What kind of size are we expecting, and what are the specific constraints on nodes - for example, currently you can get by with spec x, but if we add 50% to the block gas limit we'll need spec y by time z?

PS. This is a Ethereum's version of what turned out to be quite a nasty, bad-tempered argument in Bitcoin, but I'm thinking with Ethereum people we can have a discussion that uses actual information, and sometimes people will be able to read that information and change their minds one way or another. General ballpark, somewhat pulled-out-of-arses numbers are fine...

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