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Is the Ethereum network a "Public good", thoughts?

Is the Ethereum network a "Public good", thoughts?

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So I'm writing a paper on "Commons". As part of that I'm investigating public goods as defined by Paul Samuelson, he classifies a public good as 'Non-excludable (No price can be charged for the good)' and 'Non-rival (The quantity of the good doesn't diminish upon consumption). I was wondering if the Ethereum network would be classified as a public or not, I don't think Ether could be since the nature of its gas mechanism removes Ether from the user and the gas cost of making transactions acts as a payment mechanism for services. However, could the network itself be seen as a public good? as it is open for all to use and as long as miners keep validating transactions the network will not diminish form use. My reasoning is that Street lights are seen as public goods but the electricity they use is not. Interested to hear what people think!

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