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Is there an advantage in owning whole coins?

Is there an advantage in owning whole coins?

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I was watching a video by davincij15 on Youtube a few weeks ago and he mentioned that as a beginner you should have a goal of getting a whole bitcoin. This seems like a good goal. But I don't know why it would matter, other than for psychological reasons or ease of tracking value (ex: I have 3 BTC, BTC is $4000, so I have $12000 in BTC). Is there some advantage in whole owning whole coins of BTC (or other cryptos)?

And a (possibly) related question. I was watching a video today and some guy gave his 5 most promising altcoins for 2019 (XRP,XLM,ADA,DGB,STRAT). then he said "And of course I like Bitcoin, but I'm not a millionaire, so I can't invest in Bitcoin. If I was a millionaire then I would invest in Bitcoin." Does that make any sense? What could he have meant by that?

(I just posted this at r/bitcoin and a robot removed it for mentioning altcoins)

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