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Issue with rejected SWIFT Transfer

Issue with rejected SWIFT Transfer


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Hello everybody! Maybe any of you can help me with this incident:
I made a SWIFT withdrawal request from Binance (using Silvergate bank method), and it was successfully processed on Jan 12.
On Jan 13 got an email from my local bank stating that due an internal policy issue, the transaction have been rejected and returned to sender (in this case should be Silvergate Bank but the email states: "KEY VISION DEVELOPMENT LIMITED" which I guess is an intermediary third party).
Tried to contact my bank and they wen't very helpful neither Binance support.

My question: Are the funds reverted to Silvergate bank are going to appear in my Binance wallet balance automatically (like if I was doing a SWIFT transfer to deposit)? or there's something extra I have to do to make it happen.

Anyone had any similar issue before? Thanks in advance!

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