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Issuing shares with Qubic

Issuing shares with Qubic

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As I currently understand it, it will be possible for 3rd parties to produce and distribute unique tokens via Qubic. In addition, it'd be possible to track and, provided that a consensus is reached, modify these tokens.

If this is the case, then tokenizing (or directly issuing) shares for any company would be possible. The amount of shares could be fixed or malleable (for example, after significant growth, the smallest, indivisible unit may have become too large) and dividends could be paid in IOTA so as to maintain an unchanging supply of Token X.

Every rule that these shares have to abide by, company bylaws, everything could be dictated by an original smart contract, which may be modified given a consensus is reached (then again, that mechanism would have to be on the original contract). Every piece of information could be stored on the Tangle, allowing for a publicly accessible version history.

AFAIK, a project I briefly explored in 2017 seemed to have a similar objective: Aragon. However, Aragon is built on top of Ethereum, so it's bound to be plagued by scalability issues...

Edit: Corrected from "too small" to "too large"

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