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I've sent a Bitcoin full node to Antarctica

I've sent a Bitcoin full node to Antarctica

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I saw a post here a while ago where someone in the south of New Zealand pointed out they were running the world's southernmost Bitcoin full node. Recently a friend went to work in Antarctica for 3 months and needed a small laptop.

So I set up a synced full node for him which he will be attempting to get online soon (there is connectivity at the station he is at). I know it's a long shot given the bandwidth requirements (he will need to download the few days of blocks that he has not been online while in transit).

Also, does anyone know if I can somehow get the node to show on a node map given that he will most likely not be able to allow inbound connection to port 8333? I suspect that even if the node connects it may be hard to prove its location.

Also, has this been done before? I could not find evidence of it.

Small chance it works, it will be fun!

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