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Just (4 Feb) bought my first Bitcoin.

Just (4 Feb) bought my first Bitcoin.

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Being middle-aged, I didn't grow up with all this tech stuff. I recently logged into my Skrill account (which I check once every 3 months) and found out you can 'trade' BTC and 6 other cryptocurrencies.

Bought for 1k euro and lost 40 euros in 2 days. Not good. Currently +20 euro 'profit'.

I have, more or less, no clue what I am doing.

Waiting for approval from Blockchain and I'm going to get into this.

Mind you, 1k and nothing more. All profits will be cashed in (if any) and I will just go on playing with that 1k to get the hang of it.

I wonder where I will stand in one year from now.

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