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Just a friendly reminder, new people are not experts

Just a friendly reminder, new people are not experts

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We may be at the start of the next bullrun. We may be at a fakeout and test lower resistance. It doesn't matter. New people come here because this sub is /r/cryptocurrency, which is likely the second place anyone new to this market will look. Likely the first being bitcoin sub.

This place can be extremely toxic, especially if someone sees some rando coin pump and ask about it.

We need to remember that before we knew anything, we knew nothing. I dont care if you joined in 2012 or 2020, you likely came here to learn.

It is in all our best interest to treat people with respect. To answer their questions. To help them. To make them feel welcome. Because if the first impression someone has of this "exciting new world changing technology" is a sub full of autists, then they will nope the fuck out of here and cement the position in their mind that crypto is for losers in basements and the world shouldn't take this technology seriously.

So, if you are here to make money, fine. If you are here to chill and shoot the shit with people in the daily discussion, fine. But remember that we are the face and first impression of this technology, and if we want adoption, then we need to be respectful human beans.

To me, it's more serious than just mooning. I believe the human race needs a financial system overhaul, or we are just fucking done for. Every broken thing on the planet, every existential threat from insect collapse to plastic waste to climate change all is exasperated by a financial system of constant growth that is fundamentally at odds with living on a finite planet.

Be fucking cool, and cut the shit.

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