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Just for conversation's sake

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I've seen a lot of negativity toward the price of XRP recently. Good growth and investments aren't going to happen overnight. If you're here, expect a LONG haul back to the top. You should want that, though. It means that the growth is actually meant to be.

If you believe that XRP can ever get back to $3.20, then the last thing you want is for the price to jump overnight before you've had time to invest a solid amount of income over time. Some of us certainly have massive incomes and can afford to be dedicate immediate and large amounts, but most of us simply don't.

As it stands, an investment of just $25 a week puts you back $1300 a year; that nets you 3,823 XRP at the current value. If the asset ever reaches $3.20 again, the XRP you've accumulated would then be worth $12,235. That's an insane return.

We'll see what happens with cryptocurrency in the future, but it would take its inevitable heat death for us to never see $3.20 again. It might not happen in the next year, but I'd be willing to make a hefty bet that it will happen... provided Garlinghouse follows through on his promises, of course!

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