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Latest version of Kelp automated crypto trading bot for Binance is out: v1.10.0

Latest version of Kelp automated crypto trading bot for Binance is out: v1.10.0


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I’m happy to announce the latest release of Kelp: v1.10.0

Kelp is a very unique crypto trading bot, since it is written in Golang and is therefore faster than bots written in Python/JavaScript but also more developer-friendly than bots written in C/C++.

It is currently a CLI bot and is very fast. We will be adding support for web-sockets in a few weeks to make it even faster!

We are currently working on a GUI to make it more user-friendly, which is currently available in beta/test mode.
We have a library of trading templates that you can use (AMM, Mirror, TWAP), and we continue to add more. It's also really easy to add your own custom trading strategy, and we have a sample-pull request to help you with this.

Notable changes since v1.9.0:

  • new Pendulum AMM trading template (pendulum)
  • new Sell TWAP trading template (sell_twap)
  • cheaper and more accurate fill/trade tracking via SYNCHRONIZE_STATE_LOAD_ENABLE config
  • Mirror Trading Template: track orders triggered on backingExchange
  • significant upgrades and reliability fixes to the mirror trading template
  • support metrics via Amplitude, disable using --no-headers flag
  • Kelp GUI: fix issue of fiat currency dropdown not updating correctly
  • ccxtExchange should allow fetching binance orderbook with limits between the hardcoded binance limits
  • mirror trading template allows different divide by values for BID and ASK sides (deprecate VOLUME_DIVIDE_BY config field)
  • Fix FetchTrades for Kraken
  • Kelp GUI: disallow invalid characters in bot name
  • fix rounding issues in mirror trading template causing offers to not be placed

Sample usage of Kelp's features are described in more detail in the sample config files for v1.10.0 located here.

View the CHANGELOG for more information on this release:

Here’s a link to the release binaries on GitHub:

To merge these changes into your local branch:

git pull upstream v1.10.0

Then install dependencies with glide:

glide install

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release. We are constantly improving the project so please file bug reports and feature requests as they come up!

If you are interested in staying up-to-date on the latest release announcements for Kelp then sign up here:!forum/kelp-announce

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