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Launchpad. Let's discuss it

Launchpad. Let's discuss it

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So it looks like Binance is settling down with their IEO/launchpad system. There was a lot of bragging at the beginning, showing high profits and returns of the system. They recently calmed down about it saying we should invest for the project because obviously now not everything is so shiny and a lot of them have negative returns for holders.

I think the system still need to change otherwise we'll end up with an army of dieing altcoins. There are good things like the distribution system which is pretty fair now, projects picked look decent from their presentation. But...

My main concern is about the supply. If you care for holders and customers, why do we have launchpads with less than 10% of the total token supply allocated to us ? I consider this as unethical, eventhough binance needs their share and the project itself aswell, we should have a more even repartition.

What do you guys think ?

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