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Learning Blockchain through Coding Exercises

Learning Blockchain through Coding Exercises

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My goal this year is to educate more developers about blockchain. From personal experience and surveying I've found that many devs get turned off by the political/financial aspect of blockchain. They unfortunately miss out on the underlying coolness of the technology that they would otherwise enjoy learning.

My friend and I have been working on a site called ChainShot where we are creating live code tutorials for programming blockchain technology. We have a bunch of free, open-source tutorials up now including Build a Blockchain and Merkle Tree. Both Tutorials are in JavaScript for it's ubiquity; we do plan to expand in the future. If you know some JS, check them out! Feel free to send it to friends who might enjoy it, spread the education around!

We're also starting to host live classes in our new Virtual Classroom. This Saturday we'll be hosting a new version of the Build a Blockchain class that will expand on the concepts taught in the tutorial linked above. It costs $20 as we'll be teaching participants live and will be on video/chat to answer questions & help guide through coding exercises. We built all of those features into one web-browser application so trust me it will be an awesome experience!

If you don't have any programming experience and this sounds exciting to you, we are planning to create resources that will help catch you up from scratch. It will take us some time to get there, although we're working hard! We certainly want to help out everyone who wants to learn.

If you're a teacher, or would like to become one, we built an IDE for you to create your own tutorials and soon you'll be able to run classes in the virtual classroom as well.

Spread the word and let us know what other things might interest you all!

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