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Local Project need of Lightning Guidance

Local Project need of Lightning Guidance

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Hey Guys,

First Phase - Local Shop LN Adoption

I want to go to some local Kansas City mom & pop stores and possibly talk to them about setting up LN accepted Here payments. I just don't know any great LN POS systems that most mom & pop shops can use. The most I know about are LN wallets.

I'm looking for something that will allow the clerk scan a good, then when prompted, scan the LN QR. The price should automatically convert from USD to BTC (in satoshi's) - Can anyone help me with this? Does this technology exist yet?

Second Phase - Local Peer LN Adoption

For this part I really want to do 2 things. (1) Go down to the local city-life hubs and setup a little stand and invite people to come speak, debate, learn about Bitcoin and LN. I hope to do a lot of shot and sweet explanations and then entice people to setup a LN wallet. I'll send them a few satoshi's and tell them - go spend them at the local shop over there!

(2) I really want to dive into the homeless community and help educate them on a new way to receive aid. No more worries about losing cash, robbed. getting pockets full of cents. I feel like if BTC is accepted more, if people who are the type to donate to homeless can see their sign from afar then send them 100-1000 sats. This way they can rack up the small payments and then go spend them locally for aid. I feel this area is where my true passion is and where i'll spend most of my time.

Any responses are appreciated. Thanks,

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