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Localbitcoins refusing to credit my deposit.

Localbitcoins refusing to credit my deposit.

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On 06/08/2019 I deposited 0.02784459 worth of btc to the address 3FBK6C5Q9MnrFhhvVawPEx6EiEKNJ4VPBS

The transaction had 6 confirmations on the blockchain and localbitcoins yet had 0 confirmations. They posted on twitter that they have issues crediting transactions and are resolved now, mine is not. Few hours later, the transaction is not visible in my wallet at all, not even with 0 confirmations. You can also see the deposit has moved to their cold/storage wallet:

I contacted their support multiple times whose reply was simply "sorry, we are working on it" for 4 days.

Yesterday I asked for a callback and they called mentioning that errors can happen in the system for any reason and that they are an exchange, not a wallet and all money in wallets are owned by them according to their ToS. They mentioned that if the transaction was to be credited it would have been now. They basically told me "sorry we lost your money" casually. I posted on localbitcoins sub and got shadow banned by mods who do not want bad publicity. They ignore my twitter replies and messages as well.

It has been 7 days and the transaction is no where to be found in my wallet or history, localbitcoins simply keep claiming they credited the deposit when they clearly haven't credited anything. I know how unbelievable this will sound to most of you and will side with localbtc and claim I'm hiding part of the story or actually got credited but this is not the case. They keep claiming they fixed it as of 12/8/2019 and nothing is fixed. I do not have anything to gain if I'm just trying to fake an issue to get free btc because I know that is impossible. I hope social media actually gives them a blast to actually look into the issue.

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