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Look at the trends and relax. These cycles are normal.

Look at the trends and relax. These cycles are normal.

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Just some food for thought.

BTC went to $1 and then crashed down to 13 cents. Another time it went to $100 and crashed down to $15. Another time it went to $1K+ and came back down to slightly less than $200. Another time it went to $20K and fell to $3K. Each time of the 'crash', it's still a much higher low. Bull and bear markets are normal cycles. This is one of the longest bear markets we've seen. There will be another bull market. It's what the market does.

While everyone is shouting out $1500 BTC, I'm extremely confident we will never see those prices, ever again. In fact I think in the next 3-4 years we touch $100K and then "crash down" to $20K. And then the next panic cycle begins.

Relax. Remember this is new technology. It needs time for adoption. A lot of time. Tech always does. Give it another 10 years and, if by then, we're still at $4K-ish, I'd be a bit more concerned.

I think time is running out for people to accumulate. For those who were here from $1K all the way to $20K, do you remember just how many people were begging for these prices? "God if it was just $1K or even $5K again I'd back up the truck." And now it's here and people are worried and afraid to touch it. These are the times you buy. Not when it's peaking, but when it's bottoming.

*Disclosure: This is not to be taken as financial advise. I am not a financial advisor. These are just my personal opinions that I wanted to share with the community. I'm seeing a lot of toxicity here as of late so I felt this was warranted.

Now, commence the downvotes.

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