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Looking for a IOTA related project for uni!

Looking for a IOTA related project for uni!

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Hey guys,

next semester im supposed to do a team project with 2 to 3 students for university. As i have the opportunity to do something related to IOTA i thought its a nice idea to dive a bit into this topic , if possible. The scope should be around ~100-120 hours workload per person. I have to say that we're EE students, with just basic knowledge of Javascript and our programming skills could be better, all in all, of course. Furthermore my understanding of the technology till now is more of a basic nature.. anyway:

My first idea was to use use LoraWan and send some data through masked authenticated messaging. (If that is already possible? )

What di you think of this? Do you else have any other cool ideas which could fit into the given scope?

Thanks so much!

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