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Loss of confidence

Loss of confidence

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After the trinity hack a wrote a detailed post here, explaining why, in my humble opinion, the MoonPay incident could be for iota the death blow.

We are aggressively entering the new bull cycle and the combination of: almost zero volumes, strong underperformance and basically no reaction to development’s advance is a clear sign of what i was predicting: loss of confidence.

I know here you are all dreamers and when any critical thinker raise an issue you attack him like if it’s your only life’s reason. But pls, take a breathe and expose in an ordinary manner.

For my experience in markets and start-ups i can tell you a very simple and most of the time true rule: you build confidence step by step, on a daily basis and across lot of time, but you lose it one shot! And when this happen, I’m afraid to tell you, I don’t have a single case of project who recover it consistently.

I hope I’m wrong, but I think this project is slowly drifting into the oblivion, and neither new partnerships, neither the so hyped coordicide will revamp it. Yes I told it guys, neither coordicide, because I want to underlying another thing: that’s not the cure for everything! When, and most of all IF, we gonna have a fully decentralized product, we are starting the journey and not ending it. And if no one out there believe this team is able to change the world, coordicide will be another short term wave.

Now I’m here to amortize your frustration, tell me how I’m wrong please.

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