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Making a transaction both parties can't deny.

Making a transaction both parties can't deny.

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I'm wondering about making a transaction both parties can't deny. My first thought is: Ask reciever for an adress. Send a small amount as check When confirmed by reciever send the total to SAME adress.

My reasoning is, if the reciever confirmed the first small transaction to be recieved he can't deny that the second transaction did not arrive or was not his adress. Both transaction being visible on the blockchain prove it, having confirmed the first transaction being correct there is no denying possible?

But every time I read about 'don't reuse an adress', wouldn't this be a, the only one?, reason to just do that excactly?

This is of course with the thought of doing big transactions where I want to take no risk.

Any other way to be sure the reciever can't deny the adress used was not his?

I feel that the reasoning if the reciever sends an adress it's his responsibility to be correct nice, but it's my money that is being sent. And with above check I feel pretty safe I have all the evidence to prove the reciever to be wrong. I'm not sure if the reciever would make a 'mistake' in the sending of an adress It would be resolved that easy without this check?

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