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Maybe more than speculation!

Maybe more than speculation!

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After watching to the life boats video here:

Where hes talking about gold backed + xrp and so on..

And reading Hodors recent blog on Xrp here:

Where in the last paragraph he says the following -

It's Time for XRP In addition to the cold analysis that goes along with examining the sales and investment numbers in Ripple's quarterly report, it's crucial to note the tone in the report itself; it's also important to gauge the market direction and trend.  The market is at a cross-roads, where it is looking past its speculative roots ... looking to utility and real usage.  And Ripple has stated - now with no room for ambiguity in its latest report - that it is getting ready to substantially reduce its sales of XRP. XRP stands in the center of a maelstrom, and even though the market may appear calm at the moment, the remainder of the year will hold 'many' surprises.
 Get ready for the rest of 2019, and remember to keep up to date on the latest XRP news by subscribing to my blog on Coil; and remember to support others in the XRP Community as well!

 Sources & Credits: Thanks to Andrew Neel for this blog's cover art and Sharon McCutcheon for the 'gold coin' photography

I noticed some interesting points. The many surprises and the quotes around 'gold coin' Wonder why the need to emphasize 'gold coin'.....

President Trump is in my opinion absolutely going to make a massive change to the dollar very soon, and it will involve gold in one way or another. Love him or hate him - big big changes are coming. Lets hope Xrp plays a part!

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