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????????Merchant Token ????The missing piece for mainstream global mass-adoption is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW ????????

????????Merchant Token ????The missing piece for mainstream global mass-adoption is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW ????????

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My best investment in 2021

I stumbled across the project MerchantToken.This is in my opinion the largest DeFi ICO in 2021.
The project is unique in the crypto space and probably the missing piece for mainstream global mass-adoption of crypto payments from the consumers' perspective.

They offer:

  • DeFi Payment Protocol that enables payment terminals (POS terminal, credit card terminal) on blockchains
  • Brings consumer protection to crypto payments like paypal protection for buyers
  • Strong company behind the project that is already huge in the payment gateway sector (Hips Payment Group)
  • They will use 25% of the issued tokens to secure strategic partnerships and secure adoption among its customers and partners

Their Launchpad is in progress at a fast pace and they already raised $28,000,000 in a short time so far.

Max supply: 100,000,000

Current ICO price: $1.05

Price at the end of the ICO will be $1.20

Whitepaper: here.

Project and ICO page:

There are 4 options to participate:

  • buy via Credit Card
  • via bank transfer (it takes 2 to 6 days but we echanged pro e-mail and they confirm having a system to link your bank transfer to the phase you made the payment). That's what i opt for.
  • send ETH
  • send any crypto to the Coinbase Commerce payment method

I recommend using Litecoin due to its low transaction fees.

Coinbase Commerce works also for US investors.

Project page:

People just need to SEE how BIG this can be (WILL BE I think). If everything goes to plan, I might be in Bahamas for the summer ;p. You should consider it.. I think it will be an easy X10 at least.

** This is not a financial advice. Do your own research and only invest what you can afford to lose

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