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[Meta] Anti-censorship but also anti-bullshit

[Meta] Anti-censorship but also anti-bullshit

Bitcoin Reddit

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can we like... auto-flair or auto-reply to the very obvious shills and trolls here?

I'm not in favor of bans or mutes unless there's clear breaking of the rules, but there are some recurring trolls here who are extremely obvious. They have no interest in honest conversation or debate and often do not even acknowledge any of the words of the posts they reply to.

A flair like "known troll" would help. It's not censorship because the trolls are still free to comment, but it would a warning to other readers that a user has repeatedly demonstrated that they are dishonest. I like the way r/cryptocurrency does it. We have /u/cryptochecker but that must be manually invoked and doesn't exactly solve the immediate issue.

It's not just a matter of dissenting opinion. These posters speak only with weasel words and conjecture and do not acknowledge any rebuttals nor back up their statements with verifiable facts. They're only here to derail any legitimate discussion and be intentionally disruptive. There are plenty of users here with differing opinions who are able to debate civilly and honestly. They are more than welcome here.

I strongly believe that facts ultimately win in the long term and that BCH is more than capable of speaking for itself as a technology. But the active disinformation/troll campaign is obvious and it'd be nice to get somewhat of a handle on it.

(Thought about posting a name and shame but... I think that'd do more harm than good.)

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