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Minimum withdrawals

Minimum withdrawals


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Hi there! I'm a student who'd like to spend some money into crypto-currencies. And, as a student, I've got little (to ridiculously little) money to spend in it (something along the lines of 50$/year). I would like to do it properly, but was introduced first to "easy ways" like online bank allowing a bit of investment (Revolut in my case). Now that I'm a little bit more into it, I'd like to do it correctly, with a wallet and an exchange. My problem is that, while trying to figure which exchange was "the best" to my use, I found out that there were minimum withdrawals on every exchange platform (I understand it, no problem) and that the minimum withdrawal is a bit high for a little use like mine... Firstly, is there a place where I could find the minimum withdrawals for Binance? Secondly, do you have any advice for me? Thanks a lot, hope to be one of you soon!!

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