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here :

In a nutshell :

  • No install, no registration, no personal details : just load the page and you have an instant wallet
  • Create orders for your small business and know when an order is paid
  • Keys all kept client side, persist in browser local storage
  • Quick overview under the Help tab

I've been working pretty much nite and day the past 3 weeks. Now the basics work, so its time to get it out there and get feedback - particularly from people who know retail and want to take payments in BTC for their small real-world business.

This came about after talking to a filmmaker, a TV economist and some beer mates, and me trying to get them to try out Bitcoin Cash.

Firstly, I was surprised to find that "non crypto-geek" people still find it an actual barrier to install a wallet.

So my first questions was : "Is it possible to have a viable wallet without any install/download/config process at all ?"

Secondly, a local sushi shop took only fiat cash, and it was just damn annoying finding notes and getting all these useless coins back. I looked into the cost of cash handling and card handling for small businesses, and basically they have to pay the banks a steady stream of fees to handle card payments, and if they stick to physical cash, they spend minimum 50c per transaction handling cash - its so damn clunky.

So my next question was : "what should small biz retail payments look like?".

Vendors would use something like BCH as the backbone, but all that cash till hardware would disappear and be replaced by an app on their mobile. I'm not there with yet, next big update will be a new UX specifically for mobile browsers. But I think I have solved an important step - how to match up orders with payments in a nice clean way. I intend for to be free as a send/recv wallet, but take a tiny commission on an order transaction - which will pay for development costs [ Currently 0.2%, so as to be vastly cheaper than other Point of Sale systems out there now ]

Its early days, but I'd like to get feedback so I can make this a really useful web app for small vendors - I think we can win this thing from the bottom up. Feature requests welcome, of course will be taken more urgently if they come with a donation.

Thanks for all the advice so far from the community - there are so many exciting initiatives now that we have a usable currency.

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