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Most common answers to why they won’t buy BTC

Most common answers to why they won’t buy BTC

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Every time the topic of money or investment comes up in conversation between colleagues or friends I constantly hear the same answers:

1/ It’s too volatile

Response - Zoom Btc has done extremely well last 10 years and is at 200b market cap. It’s a big asset. Look at monthly charts not daily or weekly.

2/ Government will ban it

Response - What country? USA? 1% chance. Way too many players in the game with significant positions. PayPal just entered... The opposite is happening actually. The space is being cleaned up (bitmex) and paving the way for the big boys. If your country bans it, it will be temporary. This is a global phenomenon and business will move out from the backwards nation that bans it until the nation has no choice but to adopt it. Tech is savage and relentless. It keeps going and doesn’t care. Destroys businesses and create new ones.

3/ It’s too difficult

Response - This is actually a real concern. I say there is a small learning curve but plenty of great YouTube videos they explain it very well. But If you want the gains, you gotta put in the work. By the time it’s extremely easy for the average mum and dad, all the gains will be gone. If gains isn’t the issue for them, I guess you can’t win this argument.

What other responses do you guys get and how do you combat them?

It can be any crypto. Try explaining defi... lol.

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