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MWEB and Delisting

MWEB and Delisting

Litecoin Reddit

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Not trying to create FUD. Just some genuine questions. It's becoming obvious that regulators are going to target coins that don't have a transparent blockchain.

There has been some debate and the consensus is that because it's optional, Exchanges won't delist. How would this affect coins that have previously been sent or received using MWEB? Will they actually be fungible if certain places won't accept them? Will they even be able to tell? Will the coins be tainted in any way?

If there is a risk of delisting will miners even want to signal for it? If they can't readily exchange for fiat, I can imagine that causing problems. Could this result in a potential fork. Miners have made a substantial capital investment , so I can imagine them pushing for this, If LTC is removed from exchanges.

Also to be a payment coin, most places will probably still use a payment processor and that requires an exchange. If MWEB does result in delisting, liquidity will be badly affected, again affecting LTC's ability to be an effective currency.

Maybe these issues have already been discussed before and I've missed them? If they have point me in the direction of further reading.

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