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My concerns regarding XRP's openness and censorship

My concerns regarding XRP's openness and censorship

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Hi, one of my concerns about Ripple is it's good relationship with banks(One of Ripple's advantages) and banks being centralized they can easily block access to their services let's say because of their government's laws. For example in Iran people can't buy/sell products from Alibaba, Amazon, etc or use services like Spotify, Netflix, etc because of US sanctions. However now, with the introduction of the Cryptocurrencies I can use many services that I couldn't before. So, my questions are these:

1.Is it possible that in future Ripple(Being a US company) somehow blocks access to XRP for me? 2.If Ripple is a distributed ledger, Is it possible for Ripple to force it's validators let's say by a software update to block some IPs from any access to the Blockchain?

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