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My girlfriend left me because of XRP

My girlfriend left me because of XRP

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So here’s a story for you night owls. My senior year of high school, 2020 I found Bitcoin after doing shrooms and acids and that led me to finding the ISOs and XRP. From then on, I saved and put as much money into XRP as possible. I told every person I knew about XRP and they either didn’t listen to me, thought I was crazy, or realized my capacity. December of last year, a huge mentor in my life passed away suddenly and the same night I reconnected with an old friend. She was an actress who used to be in plays with me but moved to LA. We met each other on a movie set when she was 7 and I was 8. Love hit us both hard and our dates turned into hookups and the best love making of my life. She had to go back to LA but we made it work and did long distance across the country for ten months. She’d fly to see me and I’d fly to see her. We planned our lives and world conquests together. She supported me and I supported her. Everything was perfect, I could give her the world with the life changing wealth I knew I would make from XRP.

Cut to two weeks ago. I’m a freshman at Berkeley now so we’re a lot closer. She’s been staying with me every other week and we’ve had a blast exploring San Francisco. Life’s good. I had the opportunity to interview Rosie Rios at UMiami of Ohio and holy crap we’re going to be insanely wealthy. She books a job for an episode of Chicago PD and wants me to visit her in Chicago but I’m in the middle of midterms so I tell her it’s not possible. The only days that would work would cost me a $1,200 round trip with only one full day in Chicago with her. She says it’s okay and she’s disappointed. Last Wednesday she tells me good morning and that she loves me, asks how I’m doing, I do the same for her and it’s another day in paradise. I’m dating my best friend. She calls me halfway through class and breaks up with me. I tell her it’s okay and we can still be friends.

The last week has been the hardest week of my life. She wanted space, it was really hard to give her space. I watched her delete our Instagram pics, create a new Snapchat, and block my number for a day. Things have sucked and my productivity has been down. My heart physically hurts. People tell me I can find better but I only want her. Her mom is pretty insane and always started our fights but she never realized it. It’s her mom though so I didn’t mind too much. Family is always first. Besides her mom telling her I should be okay with her flirting with other men, we didn’t have very many issues. Yea, we disagreed on money sometimes. I told her she should invest 70-80% of her income and she felt like she was only comfortable investing 10%. I thought that was living above her means and she thought I must’ve been a gambling addict because she didn’t really understand crypto.

Cut to today when I called my old therapist for the first time in a long time. After 45 minutes, I came to the realization that digital assets had taken over my life. I’ve been very into NFTs lately and neglected the needs of my relationship to make money. Yes, my motivation was to literally give her the world. Give her the nicest pent houses and skyscrapers with her name on them. Make her dreams come true with a production company, art gallery, and children’s school. Provide her the most luxurious lifestyle and travel the world with my best friend. I’ve had multiple women tell me they want to marry me but she was the only one I actually said it back to and believed I would marry her. My money grind was given purpose and meaning through our relationship but somehow I didn’t see the love fade. I was blind to her fake smiles, shallow conversations, and early stage depression as she closed herself off from me. Our FaceTime calls started feeling like obligations as I worked day and night on finding the next project to multiply my money. She felt my distraction and knew things had changed. We were falling out of love. Keep in mind, her mom wants to see us break up because she lives off her daughters money.

My therapist basically made me realize that my life was so out of balance. She told me her wealthy brothers don’t obsess all day about the markets. They are part of communities, have hobbies, and are always there for their families. Yes the global economy is changing rapidly, but are XRP bags are set. If I had just enjoyed her presence and lived in the moment, maybe I’d still be with the person I thought was the love of my life. The moral of the story is don’t neglect the people you love for the thrill of the bull market. Making all of this money doesn’t feel good if you don’t have people who love you. You can lose someone in a blink of an eye. Yes, she’ll probably find her way back into my arms and I don’t know if I’ll take her back yet, but I can tell you our futures will be different apart. Maybe she’ll mature and realize how controlling her mom is and maybe I’ll find the balance I need in life to be happy. Until then, it’s best we are apart. It hurts, but it’s supposed to hurt when you love someone.


Note: sorry if it’s incoherent. I’m just getting my feelings out.

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