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my message to BITFINEX . stop this unfair treatment of BCH !

my message to BITFINEX . stop this unfair treatment of BCH !

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bitcoin cash is the 5th largest Crypto currency by mkt cap and has a large ( and ever expanding) user base . it is present on almost all exchanges and has a daily trade volume in excess of 250 million USD

1 . recently, bitcoin cash had to under go a hard fork given disagreement with Craig wright over block size. as a result, a new chain by the name of BSV was formed ( backed byCSW ) while the original chain survived .

fast forward to today, bitcoin cash retains the ticker of BCH on CMC and on almost all exchanges ,( by the name of BCH ABC ) . however, on bitfinex, it is wrongly labelled as BAB which is totally misleading and confusing . new users are confused

2 . the deposit confirmations needed for BCH are a silly 45 CONFIRMATIONS which is totally un required and pointless. BCH network is completely secure and hash rate is available to stop any malicious attacks as was demonstrated on nov 15 hard fork day. furthermore, the dev team has introduced CPs in the blocks to stall any attempts at 51% attacks
does it happen and materialize . in short, there is NO incentive ( and opportunity) for any malicious attacker to 51% BCH network

no other coin has such a ridiculous confirmation count needed when 5-6 confirmations on POW algorithm are enough to guarantee security . this hi requirement of confirmations is an impediment to trading at the platform and i hereby want to convey to BITFINEX admin that i will move to binance ( which just needs one confirmation) for BCH . im a hi volume trader and i cannot afford this barrier

i hop bfnx admin looks into this


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