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My smartBCH Adventure: How did I double my asset after a 50% loss in 2 months?

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My smartBCH Adventure: How did I double my asset after a 50% loss in 2 months?

I am a student, and first heard about cryptocurrency in Jan 2021 from my friends. I registered an account in a centralized exchange (CEX) and in a private wallet, bought a small amount of BTC and ETH, and made some transactions. I then found that the gas fee was tooooo expensive and sometimes it took a percentage of 10 of my total assets. So when I knew that bitcoin cash (BCH) aims to be a peer to peer electronic cash with the feature of high throughput, extremely low gas fee, and decentralization, I got excited. Since then, I bought and saved some BCH every month as an investment.

The side chain of BCH – smartBCH was launched in Aug and I created an account according to the tutorial from a volunteer in BCH community ( I was new to DeFi and made my first transaction in late Sep (transaction fee ~$0.1). I swapped some EBEN and staked in the BCH-EBEN farm on BenSwap. The APR was over 1100% at that time. I also swapped the meme coin – CATS. Unfortunately, when the price of the tokens went down, I found that I lost 50% of my BCH. I was very upset…

I realized I need to learn more about the projects and do more research. I removed the liquidity and swapped all tokens back to BCH. At that time, I looked through the website of the projects, joined the telegram group and followed the official twitter to track the updates, and talked actively with the experienced DeFi users. When I noticed that the price of EBEN was lower, I thought it may be a good opportunity. I bought the dip and held, and when the price pumped, I got my capital back. Haha~

Since middle Oct, it was announced that EBEN would be listed on many platforms and CEXes, and that the NFT market and listing of CATS were under schedule. I kept buying and today, my asset has already been doubled (over four times of the lowest).

I sincerely thank smartBCH and people in the community were really nice. Whenever I had a problem, they were here and happy to assist. In addition, there are many fantastic and generous airdrops. I received around 300 EBEN when it was listing on CoinW and it is currently worth over $300. Three days ago, I received an airdrop of DAO token based on a decentralized experiment on smarBCH. It pumped over 30 times in three days and became more and more popular.

SmartBCH is amazing and join us to make a fantastic journey!

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