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NANO Representation

NANO Representation

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Dear Binance,

As you well know, NANO has a very unique Delegated Proof of Stake system, in which Holders allocate voting power to their Representative of choice, so it can vote on their behalf on conflicting transactions.

It would very much benefit and strenghten the NANO network if Binance implemented a feature in their platform to allow users with NANO deposits to change their Representative freely, like many NANO wallets do. This would be a Win-Win situation for both the NANO Network and Binance, as a business and supporter of the Crypto ecosystem.

This way, Binance will still custody the Tokens and receive fees for both the Sending and Trading of tokens.

At the same time, it will increase NANO's decentralization and robustness, thus creating greater demand for the Tokens and their exchange services.

What is Binance's stance on this?

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