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Need advice about selling my car for Bitcoin

Need advice about selling my car for Bitcoin

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I've advertised my car for sale. It's a late model BMW worth a little over $50K.

I was approached by a buyer who asked if I would accept bitcoin. I said I would investigate, and get back to him. I kind of like the idea of bitcoin and wouldn't mind keeping some for the next 5 years to see where it goes.

I've already been told that I need to get a hardware wallet to store the bitcoin. So I've ordered one, it should arrive within the next few days. I'm reasonably confident about using it after watching a few videos, storing seed words securely ... etc.

Is there any way I can be sure the buyer's bitcoin is "clean" so to speak? Preferably before I do the transaction.

The last thing I want is to find out in a few years that the bitcoin were previously used in some sort of illegal activity. I know I'll have all the buyer's details, but that may not be a protection if they get frozen on an exchange.

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