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Need confirmation I have been hacked, help appreciated.

Need confirmation I have been hacked, help appreciated.

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Hi everyone.

So like many others I decided to make use of the DeFi Yield Farming craze available on Compound.

I put my 0x into Compound, minted my cZRX tokens and earned some interest and some COMP.

All went well, I earned my COMP and some ZRX.

So I redeemed my 0x to my Metamask wallet, it confirmed, I received my tiny COMP interest and my ZRX tokens were confirmed in the transaction history as sent to my address by Compound.

The problem is, my ZRX is not showing up in my wallet, so I double checked the transactions.

I check my ERC20 transactions and 1 minute after my ZRX enters my wallet from Compound, it is immediately sent to another random ETH address.

I just want to confirm that I have been hacked or compromised in some way and that I am not going mad.

Going forward, if this metamask wallet and address has been hacked/compromised, can I make a new metamask wallet to withdraw my other tokens from Compound? I worry that if I withdraw my other tokens that I will immediately lose them again.

First time being hacked, don't exactly feel great about it, would appreciate kind words and help, thank you in advanced.

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