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Need feedback for a Litecoin trading app

Need feedback for a Litecoin trading app

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Hi people,

I am a software engineer who is about to start working for Change.

I will work as a full-stack product engineer, so I am doing my study right now. This is going to be my very first experience as a product engineer and also in the cryptocurrency domain.

Change is a bank/app that you can use for investing (or trading) on cryptocurrencies and also for your daily banking with its VISA card. Basically, you can pay for a coffee via Litecoin & VISA in seconds.

My intention is not to promote the app but I really need feedback. - It is only available for EU and/or EEA countries for now.



Finally, the questions:

  1. What are your expectations from Litecoin investment/trading in particular?
  2. What are the missing features of Litecoin related apps in general that you use currently?
  3. Is there any Litecoin specific feature that some/most apps or exchanges do not support?
  4. Would you use Change for Litecoin? Why / Why not?

Thank you.

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