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Need help recovering BTC and ETH wallets from outdated apps

Need help recovering BTC and ETH wallets from outdated apps

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So I'm fully willing to accept this might be a lost cause, but I'm looking to buy a house and could use all the money I can find for a down payment. Worth a shot!

So, I bought BTC and ETH around 2017 and held onto it after BTC crashed from like $20k or something.

BTC was in AirBitz which now gives me a connection error every time I try to log in. AirBitz has upgraded to Edge but I don't know how to connect the two if I can't even read my own wallet's details. I'm not optimistic about recovering my BTC, however I do have my security questions/answers for AirBitz for whatever that's worth at this point

ETH was in Block Wallet (or My Block Wallet, orange Portal-esque wallet logo) which was also giving me connection errors but I was able to get the information about my wallet like the long alphanumeric code and the secret recovery phrase.

EDIT: Per this link, ETH private keys (the long alphanumeric string?) shouldn't begin with 0x, but mine does. What does this mean? I still get "Import Key Failed - Invalid Input" when removing the 0x.

I tried some searching and can't really figure out what goes where because I don't remember any of the terms. I tried putting in my ETH information into Edge but it didn't take the alphanumeric code as the private key (?).

Are these recoverable, and how?

Thanks in advance! Sorry for being such a newbie.

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