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Need help to track down stolen ETC! URGENT.

Need help to track down stolen ETC! URGENT.

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by COINS NEWS 15 Views

I need some help from crypto sleuths out there URGENTLY! Two of my mining wallets have been cleaned out. We keep them on paper only and JSON file on a USB key, nowhere else. On March 17th we confirmed the wallet passwords using for a planned sale. Certificate was OK for the site, all looked fine. UNTIL TODAY!

Until this morning, when someone cleared us out!

Our wallet 1: 0xa5623458dca8280D8bBAd4A1e5A0f2E04f42aC63

Our wallet 2: 0xB4D167e4f36F06a77271AdB2b6444fe3D24938DE

Thief wallet 1: 0xfE790408284f097B65cEF5d8C4F318dcdB5321B3

Thief wallet 2: 0xfd51517CC9B43f5f3D9c5C4A6d0c223C5E1906E3

Any and all help is appreciated to figure out how the heck someone managed to pull this off! We are certain we have not been email phished or anything of the sort.

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