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Need help with anonymizing my Bitcoins

Need help with anonymizing my Bitcoins

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I'm sure my situation is common to many out there:

I bought my Bitcoins via Coinbase and transferred them to my Ledger wallet for safekeeping. Now I want to anonymize them.

If I send my Bitcoins in my Ledger wallet to Wasabi to do Coinjoin,

Once Coinjoined:

  1. Can I send them back into the same wallet on Ledger under a new address and remain private?
  2. Or do I need to wipe my Ledger and create a new wallet?
  3. Or is my Ledger forever tied to me and I need to buy a completely new hardware device?
  4. What's the best hardware wallet manager software for privacy (electrum, armory, etc)?
  5. From now on, must I always run a VPN when I access my wallet?
  6. Anything else I'm missing or need to do?

Thank you in advance.

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