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Need some advice, regarding what I should buy.

Need some advice, regarding what I should buy.

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I'm stacked with BTC ETH and LINK in that order. I sold some shares and got some cash to inject into the market through Coinbase. China's economy is fucked on so many levels because of Corona and might take quite some time to recover. Sales will slow across the globe; but China especially. I expect some of that Chinese new Year money along with fear in general to continue this pump; as well as help out the PM market. I haven't followed Crypto for almost 6 months. and now see Tezo's doing really well. I notice its doing well because of staking with bakers. This is making me think that once ETH can be staked this will get crazy. Do you think I should exceed 32 ETH in anticipation; or jump on the tezo's bandwagon or just stick to BTC ETH LINK. My go to crypto source doesn't say much about tezos (biz bros).

Are there projects being built on tezos? All the corporate money is already floating around ETH. TEZO's has more room to grow but I get a feeling it'll take a hard hit once ETH 2.0 gets closer. Can anyone spit some serious knowledge about why Tezos is shit or not? Thanks bros

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