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Need to take this off my chest...

Need to take this off my chest...

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With all this talk about ABC trying to take over the steering wheel from Bitcoin Cash for their own personal advantage. . . I hope to God their dipshit developers are reading this right now too... We forked out of Bitcoin for this same very reason and we will do it again. Mark my words. We follow those who follow truth, and truth will always, prevail.

It upsets me that things turn out this way but when you really think about it, sometimes we just have to cope with the change and understand to move on and keep going forward, and it's truly what makes us stronger and unique. As humans we fear change from the start naturally especially due to the fact that Blockchain is an extremely new technology for us all, we need to comprehend the wisdom we have learned overtime in our lifetimes outside of Blockchain and the Internet and bring it forth towards this community as a whole, most of us in this community thrive to work together on a better future for societies to come after us and by doing so we have put so much faith into BCH but unfortunately greedy fucks like the developers behind Bitcoin Core and now ABC try highjacking our vision for the future but can we blame these ignorant imbeciles? Let me emphasis GREEDY IGNORANT IMBECILES.

With that being said, I for one will be ready to fork out of this bullshit take over that they will try and attempt and move forward with my community and thrive towards the truth and what is righteous for the future, and whatever that may entail I highly encourage us as community to take the time together as a community and communicate this thoroughly before a division ensues like the mainstream media has inflicted on the American people since the inception of the mainstream media. God bless you all, love and peace. ????❤️✌️

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