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New Moons feature - convert to Coins!

New Moons feature - convert to Coins!

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New Moons feature - convert to Coins!

Since launching Moons on r/CryptoCurrency in May, we’ve been hard at work developing additional features for Community Points. Today we’re excited to announce Points for Coins. As of today, anyone with Moons will be able to convert their Points into r/CryptoCurrency exclusive Coins. These Coins work just like any other Reddit Coins, except that they can only be used on r/CryptoCurrency. Use them to award great posts and comments on r/CryptoCurrency and help this community thrive.

How do I convert Moons into Coins?

Converting Moons into Coins is currently available only on desktop web and will be rolling out to the Android app over the next few days. On either platform, clicking on the Coins button in the toolbar will show a new “Convert Moons into Coins” button. Clicking this will allow you to pick how many Coins you want to convert. Once you approve the conversion and processing is complete, you’ll be given shiny new Coins you can use to award excellent content right here on r/CryptoCurrency!

How long does it take to get my Coins?

It takes a few minutes to convert your Moons into Coins. You’ll know they’re ready when you see this notification on the bottom:

Why doesn’t the sidebar show my new Coins?

These Coins are exclusive to the r/CryptoCurrency community, so they won’t appear in your global Reddit Coin balance. To see how many r/CryptoCurrency Coins you have, click the Coins button in the toolbar and click on the “Convert Moons into Coins” button to see a list with all of your balances:

Why do I have to use these Coins on r/CryptoCurrency?

Moons are a unit of ownership you earn for great contributions to r/CryptoCurrency and only work within the community. We’re launching the ability to exchange them for Coins so that you can now use those Points to award others in this community for their great posts and comments. We hope this cycle of Points and Coins, just within r/CryptoCurrency, will help encourage even better content and collaboration over time.


EDIT: We're aware of an issue that prevents some mobile users from using their r/CryptoCurrency exclusive Coins to award posts in the app. We're working on a fix now. In the meantime, you can use these Coins on web if you're affected by this bug.

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