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Newbie lightning user - experience so far

Newbie lightning user - experience so far

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I’m a reseller that uses bitcoin to liquidate my operations, my flow is always one way (from me to bitrefill, for instance). I’ve been testing and trying lightning network for the last months. I think it works great most of the time. In the beginning I got a little disappointed with BlueWallet because I noted they were charging me more than what I would pay for on-chain transactions.

I changed then to ZAP wallet to have better controls of my transactions, but I soon discovered that creating channels for payments all the time can be quite troublesome (because my payments are always one direction, I keep having to create new channels) and the worst part is when my connected gateways do not connect with bitrefill and I’m not able to pay their invoices.

I think that there is a huge room for improvement in this area for not so savvy tech guys like me. Hope some entrepreneurs read this up and create good solutions for us. ????.

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