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Newsflash - The Institutions Aren't Coming

Newsflash - The Institutions Aren't Coming

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What I like about this subreddit as opposed to some others is that you people get it.

Bitcoin does not have a divine right to be bought out with institutional money making all of you early adopters millionaires.

The current banking system works for those in power right now, they literally have a license to print money.

How we win is by bringing more people into the space.

I have started talking about crypto and BCH in general more lately to my family, friends and acquaintances as it is people like them depositing maybe a small percentage of their wealth in the system away from the banks that will be the gamechanger.

I am now making a much more conscious decision to buy services when I can pay with BCH, at times buying services I probably wouldn't have bought if it was fiat only transactions as I maybe don't necessarily need them.

The $10 your auntie puts into BCH instead of her bank is $100 that the banks can't lend out on a 34% APR credit card.

It's frightening how early of a stage I believe we're in.

The arrogance of some people in the crypto and bitcoin communities in general worries me, they think it's feet up time as the job is done.

No! Everyday we need to be bringing in new people to the space, even if it's just speculators to start with as hopefully once they're invested in this idea, this technology they start to educate themselves on it and they have the "Aha" moment and proceed to put more of their wealth into this and become advocates of it as well.

I laugh at people getting excited about BTC breaking $10k again, the markets right now are running on speculation which is good short term but we know it's not sustainable.

The market cap of the winning project in this space is going to be staggering, and hopefully that is BCH as the people I see spearheading this definitely have the right principles.

It's going to be an exciting 6 - 18 months as we now approach the halvening event and then the FOMO cycle similar to 2017.

I'm excited to see how the BCH development fund is utilised and hopefully this drives a lot of adoption to BCH and we can kill a few of the coins in this space in the process...(LTC and BSV please ????)

Enjoy the ride folks!

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