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Not happy with Binance. Account deactivated no reason.

Not happy with Binance. Account deactivated no reason.


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So I have been using and trading on for about 2 months now. In that time some very strange things have happened. Many red flags here.

First after about a month my ACH( bank account) just unlinked itself from the site even though I had used the same linked account to transfer 1000's of dollars to buy BTC and ETH. I was able to relink my account and deposit and withdraw again but it raised red flags for sure. Then I come to find out this happens to a lot of people and the fix to to delink account after every transaction? this isnt acceptable.

Next I have no been able to deposit or withdraw my ADA for 3 days now. Its greyed out. My only option is to sell or trade into usd or usdt. I know the Shelly fork happened but 3 days now? I sent a ticket and got a caned response that there updating there wallets and NO ETA!! this is not acceptable sorry. I should have gotten a email prier to this telling me that this would happen. then giving me options on what to do with my ADA. This isnt acceptable.

Next I try to log into my account today and its been deactivated. No email from Binance no strange account activity. No failed logins...nothing. Just out of the blue deactivated. I go thou there on line "Reactivate Account " process that tells me now I wont be able to do anything for 48 hours. Im sitting here watching a screen to reactivate my account for 3 hours now. So now just for no reason I have no access to my crypto or my account and am stuck submitting a ticket and waiting god knows how long till I can even access my own money.

This is costing me $!! Thank god I took 90% of my portfolio off this exchange to my Ledger so i can still trade that during this weekend on another exchange.

I have done nothing wrong here yet i'm the one that has to suffer and get anxiety because this exchange cant get there act together. There are better options for trading out there and trust me I'll be seeking them out after I get this fiasco resolved.

I'll post an update here when I finally get a response from as to why this even happened. Short of my account was getting hacked(highly unlikely) I'll be closing my account and recommending to all my friends they do the same.

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