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Now is the time to be buying BTC

Now is the time to be buying BTC

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Now that BTC is consolidating at a discounted price you should start DCAing and adding to your holdings. Don't chase the pump. Right now alt's are pumping and there is good money to be made but for most coins the pump has already started and you will only catch the tail end for minimal gains. Just a few weeks ago people were complaining that ETH was stuck consolidating and all the excitement was on BTC pumping. Smart money was loading up on ETH waiting for the breakout. Now ETH is at ATH and BTC is stuck consolidating it is a good idea to start buying up BTC waiting for the next breakout. Try to prepare for the pump cycle instead of chasing it. If you missed out on the recent ETH gains then right now is a good time to get into BTC. The bull market is not over and this is one of those buying opportunities before the blast off.

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