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Now it makes sense why Adam Back is panicking

Now it makes sense why Adam Back is panicking

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August 24 I noticed that Blockstream's Adam Back was acting hysterically and seemed to be panicking sending lots of tweets. He has a history of panicking and when he does he tweets a lot of nonsense and also posts to Reddit more nonsense.

Aug 24

At the time I didn't really grasp the situation but now it makes a lot more sense

Two weeks prior to that on Aug 10 a major news event happened - Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide. At the time this seemed unrelated but now as more and more news comes out about it the issue seems to make sense why Adam has become more panicked.

The more news comes out the more we learn that the company Blockstream which Adam Back is the CEO of is funded by big pockets like for example Reid Hoffman, DCI / MIT, Digital Garage etc.

Joi Ito resigned recently because of all this and now Reid Hoffman is under the hot seat for also protecting Epstein. It seems as more people are uncovered accepting funds from Epstein and protecting him all the FUNDING that goes into Blockstream from different now tainted sources are being torn apart. I think Adam is panicking because he is seeing things fall apart around him and his company Blockstream

It wont be long before they run out of funding and no more of his pals like Hoffman and Ito are going to be able to fund his company and the BTC Core developers anymore

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